Passive Dark Gifts

Passive Dark Gifts


Vampires evolve slowly but when they do evolve, they gain often unique 'Dark Gifts'. This article will mention some of the Passive Gifts available to vampires as they evolve in the World of Nosgoth.

 Dark GiftDescription 
 Nights Gift

 During the Night, or in any dark areas, you receive 10% Resistance to Physical Damage.

Adversly, in the Day, or Brightly Lit areas, you receive 10% Vulnerability to Physical Damage.

 Hunters Eye

 See with Dark Vision during night, or in dark areas.

 Water Skin

 By becoming immune to water, you however have developed a distaste to sunlight. You receive 4 Points of Damage in the sun. 

 Comfort of the Earth

 When underground, you will receive a regenerative effect.



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