The City of Miridian is primarily under Human Control. Sarafan Knights patrol the streets on the look out for any vampire activity. The are a ruthless group with little remorse or care for civilians. They have errected Ward Gates throughout the city, cutting off much of the access points into the city. Infact, the Glyph Network flows outwards from the City Center, from the Sarafan Stronghold. From there the Glyph Energy is distributed to the 4 compass directions of the city.


In the city of Miridian, there are 5 Notable districts.

  • The Slum - The Slums located to the south of the city is where the beggers and thugs hang out, the housing is dilapidated, and this area is the least patrolled by the Sarafan. The Vampire Resistance Movement has a secret hideout in this area. This Area connects to the Smugglers Den to the East, and has access to the Sarafan Keep to the North, albeit the entrance is heavilly guarded and people entering are searched and checked at the ward gates. To the West holds the Merchants District.
  • The Smugglers Den, full of Thieves, Muggers, and Cutthroats, these criminals, with no love for the sarafan, have a secret entrance which gets them from the Southern Slums, to the Northern Slums District, Vampires may wish to familiarize themselves with this, as it allows them to bypass a wardgate.
  • The Merchant Districts - Humans come here to buy, sell, and trade. It connects directly to the Wharves district to the south west, which is the coast of Nosgoth, as well as connecting to the North, the Arisocrats District.
  • The Aristocracy - These districts are for the lords and noble houses of nosgoth. They go about their lives filling their 'minds with commerce and dung'.... to quote Kain...... This District, well patrolled by Sarafan, but offers a wealth of Human Nobility to feast upon, if you are a vampire. The Noble Humans will be most tastey to a vampire. There are 3 of these districts, which stretch forth, and encompass the Sarafan Stronghold District.
  • The Industrial District - Located East of the City, north of the Smugglers Den, this district provides work and laybour for the Humans. This district has little to offer a vampire, but does provide access from the Smugglers Den, into the Aristocracy, and even the Sarafan Stronghold District, with more lenient Ward Gate restrictions.

Yes, there will be some well remembered sights from the Game Series - The Blue Lady Shop, The Red Raven Tavern etc.

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